Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Dress Progresses

Jessica's dress is looking so good, and I'm so proud of her! I want her to update with her progress. She spent a lot of time sewing last week, and the dress is coming along. Both of us have been pleasantly surprised that everything is going well.... no major sewing mistakes or anything like that. We went back to Helen Enox Fabrics last Thursday to buy some more lace trim, and the ladies there were so helpful in answering a few questions we had. I am going to put in the zipper tomorrow, and hopefully there won't be any glitches with that. There are four layers of fabric so far on the bodice, and two layers on the skirt, and I'm a bit hesitant about getting everything sewn straight and making sure the waist seam lines up correctly on the back. After the zipper is in, we will add one more layer of lining fabric, and then we will be in the homestretch with finishing the dress. (I can't begin to estimate the hours that it will take Jessica to sew the lace onto the border and throughout the skirt!)

Other sewing projects.... just in my mind thus far, in the planning stages. I want to make Ellen a dress to wear to the wedding. She does not really have a role in the wedding, but she really would like one. :-) I want to make her a dress, and possibly a dress for Emily and Jillian as well. Weddings are so fun for little girls, and they will need new dresses too, right?! Being sisters of the bride and groom is very special even if they will not be part of the bridal party, and I'd like to see them each with a special new dress, too. Of course, Emily won't care one bit since she's only 9 months old.

Right now I am debating between two McCalls patterns for Ellen, (McCalls were on sale for 99 cents!) as pictured below. I bought them both, but I haven't decided yet which dress it will be. Guess which one Ellen likes best? .... remember, she's 10 years old.


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