Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Here are a couple pictures of the muslin for the wedding dress. It's really a simple pattern (actually a couple patterns combined) and the bodice is almost identical to the bridesmaids. Changes made yesterday include raising the neckline slightly. It was just a little too revealing for my taste. Originally I wanted the lace to come up above the satin neckline for more sheer coverage, but now I've decided against that idea.

Notice the blue train...don't you love Wal-Mart's $1 a yard fabric? The bodice is made from a really cheap shiny satin. On the real dress it won't be so shiny and it will be covered with dense lace anyway.

Also, does anyone notice the stress lines on the bodice on the full length picture of me standing? We can not figure out what is causing those. The bodice appears to fit well and those stress lines only appear when I stand a certain way. Any ideas would be appreciated!



  1. You appear to be making great progress. I admire you for making the dress.

  2. Susan Kahlje recorded a show on creating a muslin for an empire waist dress in which the same problem with the bodice occurred. She had recommended boning on the sides (the dress was eventually created in a red silk) and needed the added support at the side especially with a back closure. From other sites I have read on period costuming with the same type of princess seamed bodices, boning was also the solution, and it seems to come in much more "friendly" configurations these days. Hope this might help.

    What a beautiful job you are doing on that dress, and YES! I love Walmart's $1/yd fabrics. It has kept our kids in playclothes for the last five years. :)

  3. Thanks for the comments. We did something to make the stress lines disappear.... added more fabric to the front side or something like that.... Thanks for the tip about boning. Since Jessica is small, and since the dress does have shoulders, we were previously told that the dress did not need boning. Wish we would have put boning in anyway, but at this point it's now too late. The dress is coming along. Jessica will update soon, I hope. Ruth