Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Serger Questions

I've been toying with the idea of buying a serger...once I get married I won't have one! That would be really roughing it. =)

Yesterday Mom and I were in town and stopped in the Bernina shop there. They had several used Bernina sergers and I'm considering buying one. It's a Bernette Funlock 004 and it's priced at $300. Does anyone know, is that a good price? Does anyone have any experience with that model? The reason I didn't end up getting it was because it didn't have differential feed, and I just felt hesitant for some reason. I don't like to buy expensive things without feeling totally sure of myself.

I am willing to spend between $200 and $300 and I want a good, used machine--preferably a Bernina or a Pfaff with 3/4 thread options, a rolled hem capability, and differential feed.

The machine I saw yesterday stiched off really well, and seemed very clean and nice. It was almost new. Maybe I was silly to hesitate, but I just feel like I need to look around more.


  1. I think buying a used serger is fine. I would buy a serger with differential feed. I am not familiar with the serger you are looking at but the Bernina's are good machines. Pfaff's are very good too. I have the Pfaff 797 which I purchased used about a year ago and is approximately 13 years old. It works great and I paid $450.00 CAD. I would look at another serger with differential feed. As for the coverstitch, do you think you need this function? I find I can do without the coverstitch as I do a mock coverstitch on my sewing machine. Good luck! I love my preloved serger.

  2. Hi Jesica, did you find a serger. I have a nice bernette with manual and case. I own AAA GUN & Pawn. That's how I got it. I'm thinking about putting on ebay. I want $220.00 total with shipping. check me out on ebay 1280 feedbacks 99.2 positive. Ldrig44754@aol.com drop the aol.com. 706-793-2451.
    Thanks Greg

  3. I have had a bernina 004d for years and it is as good as new. i keep it serviced and have made 30 or more formals for my daughters, many home dec items, baby items, and much repair for friends and family. i could not have done without it. i also have a bernina 1090 sewing machine and love them both.