Monday, January 22, 2007

Cowpokes on a Quilt

I gave this 'lil cowpoke quilt to Jessica at her baby shower yesterday. The pattern for the quilt came from an old Quiltworks magazine that I had on my bookshelf. Since I decided at the last minute to make a baby quilt I needed something quick, and this simple pattern was chosen for its simplicity. I machine-quilted it using a variegated cotton thread.

Jessica received many lovely gifts at the baby shower which was given by the ladies of her church. What a nice group of ladies they were! I so enjoyed meeting them and visiting with them, and they were so generous to Jessica and Justin's new soon-to-be-here baby boy. Only 3 weeks.....I can't wait!

~the front~

~the back~

Cowboy in Training
A "lil" cowpoke in training....
Yes, that would be me!

Someday I'll ride big "hawses",
Lightening quick with speed!

I'll roam the plains and valleys,
Camping in the wild...

Oh, great big dreams I conjure,
They always make me smile!

I know sometimes you wonder,
What I dream about at night...

Well, I'm a "lil" cowpoke,
Ridin' outta sight!


  1. great job -- it's just darling! the varigated thread looks lovely.

  2. How cute is that? What a sweet gift!

  3. Very charming quilt! Love the vintage look of the cowboys...

  4. very beautifull
    I like it!
    Good work Ruth

  5. Cute cowpokes. Cute gift.

  6. Very cute quilt! Seth has that fabric in his diaper bag.

    Love, Heather

  7. Ruth,

    I Love that quilt. And the fabric is absolutely adorable!!!!