Friday, January 26, 2007

Frugal Friday Tip

I have several sewing projects I'm working on for the baby room, and this week I was excited to actually finish one! Because I received several new sheets for my crib at my baby shower, I didn't really need the older used crib sheets that came with crib and changing table we had bought. The more I look at the old sheets the more ideas I'm coming up with to use all that extra fabric for! One of them I'm using to make a liner for a wicker laundry basket (not finished yet) and the other one I was able to remake into two changing table sheets. I was pleased because we are doing the baby room in blue, yellow, and lime green, and this extra sheet just happened to be a light yellow plaid!

Basically I took the sheet and cut off the elastic so that it would lay flat. I laid the changing table pad over it and cut a rectangle about 3 or 4 inches larger then the pad all around. I pulled the raw edges of this rectangle up over the pad, right sides together and pinned in mitered corners so that it fit snugly around the pad. Then I carefully took it off the pad and sewed where I'd pinned to create the mitered corners. I finished it by hemming the raw edges all around on the inside.

Hopefully this makes sense...perhaps these closeups of the underside will help...

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  1. Jessica, You are going to have an adorable nursery when you're all done. I can't wait to see it finished. You'd better hurry will be here soon!

  2. Very good idea, Jessica! I bet those colors look so cute together! Can't wait to see your baby!

  3. you appear to be very organized. I need more of that in my life and in my home.