Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pictures from the Notion Shower

Mom wrote about the sewing shower that was held for me last Thursday, and now I'm posting a few pictures.
The first is the food table (always very important at such gatherings!). We had chips, cookies, veggies,
and tortilla pinwheels. I thought it looked quite elegant!

The whole shower was such a special time for me. I felt very, very loved, and I am very thankful for the good friends and neighbors we have here.

Mom did a really neat devotional using some of the different notions as a visual to impart wisdom and counsel for my marriage. She talked about how I need to remember to use a seam ripper to go back and take out angry words or unkind actions. I need to treat my marriage like the delicate piece of lace I'm using for my dress. I shouldn't use my "scissors" (tongue) to slash into it and damage it, but take care and consideration with it like I do with an expensive piece of lace. She talked about how a thimble is used to protect one's finger in quilting, and how I need to protect my husband once I am married. I need to protect his reputation and his good name, taking care to build him up with my words. Finally, a tape measure is used as a standard in sewing--it is important to always use a ruler for accuracy in sewing, and in the same way, I need to always remember to use the Bible as the standard for my marriage. I should always look to it first for the wisdom to build a strong marriage. Mom's counsel was really special to me, and it meant a lot that she shared all of that like she did. I was really proud of her, and I will remember her wisdom whenever I use those notions!

I am so thrilled to have my future sewing room stocked with all the little necessary notions--pins, needles, seam rippers, thread, etc. I really look forward to setting up sewing in my future home. It's one of my dreams to have some sort of home business doing custom sewing and alterations someday.

This is my friend and bridesmaid, Tonya. She and her mom and sisters hosted the shower and made it all possible. They are such special friends.

I thought the basket to put all the little notions into was the perfect finishing touch! I love storage containers--baskets, boxes, crates, and bags!

that's all for now!

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  1. What a lovely group of ladies to give you such a creative and special shower! I will have to tuck the "notion" of a sewing shower away for future reference.

    As an aside- whose house is that? I LOVE the two-tone green walls where the food is set up. Oh, and my 3 year-old son insisted I put it back to the "big picture" of the food :)

    Lindsey in AL (NMSL)